Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Magic Defeats SYC Shockwave!

September 24, 2006

Field Reporter: Jessie H.

Hooray!!! We won our 3rd game in a row! Magic won 2 to 0. We scored both goals in the second half. Dakota was dribbling, passing by everyone in her way, then…BOOM! She scored the first goal! Then the next thing you know Kylie makes a great move, turned, and scored the second goal!

We dominated the game and had a lot of shots. We could have had many more goals but we didn’t always have the right touch. The Magic had some good passing today and showed off some of our moves.

We still need to work on passing the ball quicker, pressuring our opponent when they have the ball, and being first to the ball.

Ice Cream anyone?

Needing a mere 8 Maggie Moo points to break the 150 threshold, the Magic amassed 42 points vs the SYC Shockwave to achieve their ice cream dream. 

The team was led by Kylie, with 3 "moooves" followed by Janna, Kaylyn, and Megan W with 2 moooves each.  For the first time this season, Magic won the battle for loose balls 12 to 8 in what ended up being the team's most complete performance of the season.

Patch Update

Congratulations to this week's winners of the US Soccer Skills patches:

Controlling:  Maddie, Erin, Megan W., Janna, Dakota, Cate

Juggling:  Megan W.

The players' hard work is starting to show more and more on game days.  Coach Ed and Coach Jeff have challenged each and every player to start applying all their new found skills against the other team.

Magic Bike Ride

Magic's first social event of the season will be a team bike ride this Saturday (9/30) at 3:00 pm.  We'll depart from Partlow's General Store in Ashburn, ride east, and then return to Partlow's.  Each rider should bring a few bucks for snacks after the ride.  Parents, brothers, and sisters are all welcome on the trip. 

We promise to keep everyone on the pavement this year, don't we Phil?

Magic Welcomes Coach Claire Collins to the Team

The new face at Monday's training session was coach Claire Collins, Magic's new professional trainer.  Coach Claire is the Girls' Varsity Soccer coach at Broad Run High School, and we're all excited to have her aboard.

Claire takes over for Andrew Ratti.  Andrew's been a big part of the Magic's success, and he's been great fun to work with.  Unfortunately for us, Andrew's "real" job - Managing Director of Event Transportation Services - has kept him very busy and away from the field.  We all thank Andrew for his time and effort.  I'm sure we'll see him again in the future.  Good coaches are like bad pennies - they just keep turning up.