Friday, December 01, 2006

Season Wrap-Up

Congratulations to Loudoun Magic, Champions of ODSL Division I for the Fall 2006 Season! The team’s 6-1-1 season record is a tribute to their work ethic, competitiveness, and swanky play that began way back during the hot summer months. The girls gelled quickly despite a 50% roster turnover from last season. We had a great bunch of kids who worked hard, played their butts off, and somehow found a way to win. GREAT JOB!

November 18-19, Magic participated in the Hunt Country Classic. Although the team finished 0-2-1, we played three very close, competitive games. Thanks to Nikki and Gracie for joining us as guests. We also got a chance to use players in unfamiliar positions to make the tournament a learning experience, so all in all, I’d say we had a successful event.

The girls are taking some time off over the holidays. 2007 gets kicked off with a dose of speed & agility training, plus our winter training and indoor league. Coaches and trainers are busily preparing for player evaluations. Meetings with parents/players will be held in conjunction with our indoor training and game schedule. Look for training information, plus information on the big team party shortly.

Happy Holidays to everyone in the Magic family.    

Ed Fleming
Head Coach, Loudoun Magic

Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Magical Bake Sale...

The weather - record breaking (warmest on record at Dulles).  A perfect day for a Magical Bake Sale.


The idea of making it donations instead of fixed prices on the baked goods worked well beyond anyone's expectation - a little over $400 for the team was raised in 4 hours! 

Thanks to everyone that participated.  It was a fun and profitable event.  A good day in the sunshine.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Magic Alive Despite Loss...


Put the VSA Heat on your holiday card lists this year. Thanks to their 3-2 defeat of Annandale, Magic still have a shot at the ODSL Division 1 crown, despite yesterday’s 2-0 loss to EPIC Hammers in Stephens City.

Magic had been unbeaten in ODSL play, relying on strong goalkeeping and tenacious defense to mask a few goal scoring issues. Last week, the girls fought back from a 2-0 deficit to forge a 2-2 tie at Vienna. This week, the offense could not dig out of another 2-0 halftime hole, despite the players’ tremendous effort. Here’s my take on what it’s going to take to get things fixed for the long haul. A loss makes a good opportunity to take stock a little bit.



Technically. We need to improve our technical speed. There were times that we dominate play territorially, but struggle to get quality shots. It’s taking too long for players to receive, turn, prepare & shoot. We also need to improve the quality of our ball striking. When we are getting shots, they’re often wasted opportunities because we can’t get the ball on frame with pace. We still have a tendency to mentally target the goalkeeper’s chest as opposed to targeting the far post. This all comes down to more and more touches this fall and during winter training. We’ve improved though, and we’ll continue to improve.



Tactically. We’re not seeing open spaces well. A few examples: We had a 4v1 yesterday which resulted in a shot from an angle that went well wide of goal. The player that shot was the player that was being defended. Even an average centering pass likely would’ve resulted in a breakaway. We had a similar situation on Saturday when we have a 3v1 that resulted in nothing because we didn’t see the open space and pass to an open player. From a coaching standpoint, the most frustrating practice we had all year was trying to work 2v1 give-and-go passes, not because we can’t pass and receive, but because we didn’t see the open spaces and move accordingly. Finally, we still have players out of position. A few examples: After spending 20 minutes warming up in our positions, our left/right forwards lined up on the wrong side of the field at the start of the game. Our midfielders push very far forward, leaving a large gap between the other teams’ defenders and ours. That means we don’t have any support for our forwards, and makes it much easier for the defense to clear the offensive zone.



Physically. Our level of physical play has improved, and I’m pleased that our players don’t back down from anyone. The last two weeks I felt like Vienna and EPIC had a bit more team speed than we do. Jeff’s looking into offseason speed/conditioning training to help that aspect. Mostly, we need to be more aggressive. We stopped taking loose ball statistics, which was probably a mistake on my part. When we had the stats, we were showing improvement, but we only won the loose ball battle in one game. I think if we added a statistic that showed who touched the ball first on restarts (corners/throw-ins/goal kicks, etc.) we’d be losing the battle by a wide margin. Winning the ball is where we have to start. Without the ball, it doesn’t matter how good our skills are.



Psychologically. This team impresses me psychologically. The never quit, and they don’t get down on themselves. I sort of expected a few tears after the game, especially with the notion that we’d lost our shot at first place, but it didn’t happen. I think we had a wakeup call, and I bet the kids are going to come to practice ready to work. On the other hand, we need to be more focused, and a little hungrier at the beginning of our games. We need to treat 0-0 like we’ve treated 0-2 the last few games and put that level of intensity on display from the first whistle.

I know that’s all wordy, but it gives me a good chance to reflect on where we are and need to go. If we go out next week and play like we’re capable of playing, we’ll knock a few into the goal.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Magic vs VYS Lightning


Field Reporter: Dakota

The Magic was falling behind in the first half because we were not playing aggressive, it was 2 to 0 and we were getting worried.  In the second half we kicked it up a couple notches and we scored 2 goals to tie the game!  Everyone came out strong and wanting to win.  YAY MAGIC!!  To improve, I think we needed to talk more and stay in our positions and not drop back so much.  We also need to work on our moves to get around their players.  Other then that we had a great comeback!  Oh, one more thing.  Thank you Allie Hardesty and Danielle Stephens for being our line refs.

See all of the pictures here!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Magic Weathers Storm for 3-0 Win

Field reporter: Coach Ed

On October 22nd, the Magic defeated the SYC Storm 3-0 at Wintergrove Field in Ashburn. Although Magic controlled much of the first half play, the game remained scoreless until Kaylyn scored just before halftime on a terrific individual play, knifing through defenders before using the outside of her foot to put Magic up 1-0.

The Magic goalkeeping duo of Kylie and Kaylyn were bored and lonely for much of the game, as our defenders dominated play. Megan W put Magic up 2-0 early in the second half with a nice finish off a nifty pass from Jessie. Later, Elizabeth put Magic ahead 3-0 scoring her first Magic goal, off a solid corner kick.

Nice job on the attack today. We need to use this game as a stepping stone to a good performance vs Vienna next week.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Magic defeats AGBC Freedom

Field Reporter: Kaylyn


On October 1st, the Loudoun Magic played a team called the Freedom from Annandale Virginia. At the beginning of the game, Jessie kicked the ball off to me (Kaylyn), and of course I fell because a girl from the other team tripped me. I need to work on keeping my feet. The Freedom scored the first goal of the game on a breakaway. They were a strong and aggressive team. We scored our first goal when Erin crossed it to the middle of the other team’s goal and Kylie kicked it right into the center. With the score tied 1–1, we came back quickly with another goal. This time Maddie made a beautiful pass into the box almost going out of bounds and the other team kicked it in by accident. The game ended 2–1 Magic.

The whole team played phenomenal, especially our two goalies, Kylie and Megan K. Our field players also played great and we made a lot of good passes, crosses and foot skill moves.

I think we should work on being more aggressive keeping the ball away from the other team and getting to loose balls before the other team does. Besides that, the team did a great job at this game and I think the whole team had lots of fun! Go Loudoun Magic!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Magic Defeats SYC Shockwave!

September 24, 2006

Field Reporter: Jessie H.

Hooray!!! We won our 3rd game in a row! Magic won 2 to 0. We scored both goals in the second half. Dakota was dribbling, passing by everyone in her way, then…BOOM! She scored the first goal! Then the next thing you know Kylie makes a great move, turned, and scored the second goal!

We dominated the game and had a lot of shots. We could have had many more goals but we didn’t always have the right touch. The Magic had some good passing today and showed off some of our moves.

We still need to work on passing the ball quicker, pressuring our opponent when they have the ball, and being first to the ball.

Ice Cream anyone?

Needing a mere 8 Maggie Moo points to break the 150 threshold, the Magic amassed 42 points vs the SYC Shockwave to achieve their ice cream dream. 

The team was led by Kylie, with 3 "moooves" followed by Janna, Kaylyn, and Megan W with 2 moooves each.  For the first time this season, Magic won the battle for loose balls 12 to 8 in what ended up being the team's most complete performance of the season.

Patch Update

Congratulations to this week's winners of the US Soccer Skills patches:

Controlling:  Maddie, Erin, Megan W., Janna, Dakota, Cate

Juggling:  Megan W.

The players' hard work is starting to show more and more on game days.  Coach Ed and Coach Jeff have challenged each and every player to start applying all their new found skills against the other team.

Magic Bike Ride

Magic's first social event of the season will be a team bike ride this Saturday (9/30) at 3:00 pm.  We'll depart from Partlow's General Store in Ashburn, ride east, and then return to Partlow's.  Each rider should bring a few bucks for snacks after the ride.  Parents, brothers, and sisters are all welcome on the trip. 

We promise to keep everyone on the pavement this year, don't we Phil?

Magic Welcomes Coach Claire Collins to the Team

The new face at Monday's training session was coach Claire Collins, Magic's new professional trainer.  Coach Claire is the Girls' Varsity Soccer coach at Broad Run High School, and we're all excited to have her aboard.

Claire takes over for Andrew Ratti.  Andrew's been a big part of the Magic's success, and he's been great fun to work with.  Unfortunately for us, Andrew's "real" job - Managing Director of Event Transportation Services - has kept him very busy and away from the field.  We all thank Andrew for his time and effort.  I'm sure we'll see him again in the future.  Good coaches are like bad pennies - they just keep turning up.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Magic defeats VSA Heat!

Field Reporter: Elizabeth E.

In our second ODSL game, Loudoun Magic defeated the VSA Heat with a 3-1 score:


(editor note: see the entire photo set here!)

Getting goals for the Magic were Jessie H. and Megan W. Jessie scored on a breakaway to tie the game, and Megan scored two goals. Megan’s second goal was in the last minute of the game! The star of the game was definitely our second half goalkeeper, Maddie! Maddie’s saves kept us from losing the game on the other team’s breakaways. It could have been 3-6 if it wasn’t for her many saves! We are sooooooooooo lucky to have such an aggressive and hard working goalie!

The team we played was a good team. We played our hardest even though it was very hot! We did a lot of passing and tried to do moves. I think we need to work on our defense. Like, if one defender moves up to attack the ball the other needs to fall back behind, and mids need to come back and help. I think we are going to be a great team! I need to have my stupid toe heal, so I can play! I think we played great!

- By Elizabeth E.

A word from the coach...

So close - yet so far.

Despite a well earned 3-1 win against the VSA Heat today, Magic remain a scant 8 points away from crossing the finish line in the Chase to Maggie Moos. The girls' hard work is becoming evident on the field; footskills and shooting are definitely getting better. Coach Ed gave out four US Soccer Skills patches today. Jessie, Kylie, and Megan K earned their Controlling patches. Cristen earned her juggling patch. Way to go girls!

Look for Friday's practice to move into the SportsPlex as Legacy is blacked out. More details forthcoming.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Loudoun Magic defeats the Arlington Spirit

Field Reporter: Megan K

See the two goals!

The Loudoun Magic has kicked off there 2006 fall season with a 2-0 win! Jessie scored from a pass by Erin,and Cristen scored from a free kick. Kaylyn and I were the two goalies, and we did not let the other team score on us. Everyone else on the team did a great job of shooting, crossing, and passing.

I think that we still need to work on pressuring the ball some more.We did a good job of doing some moves on the very bumpy field, and I think that we probably got some points for "The Chase to Maggie Moos".

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Against the Arsenal...

Field Correspondent Cate C.


On Sunday September 3rd, the Loudoun Magic played their second game against the Manassas Arsenal. We played at the Quantico Marine Corps Base. It was our second game of our second tournament. Again all the rain the day before made us play a half an hour game. During the game the teams were pretty even in controlling the ball but the Arsenal was making a lot more moves than us. We still need to work on trapping and winning loose balls, making moves with accuracy, and follow our moves with a pass, shot, switch, or cross. I think the best defensive players were our goalies Maddie and Kaylyn. The best offensive players were Erin and Megan W and Megan K those guys got some good shots. Also, Elizabeth showed some nice moves. But mad props to everyone for playing hard. Overall I think we played better in this game than the first game. It was a swanky game! But we’ve still got a lot to work on.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Magic are Ready to Open ODSL Season

The Magic traveled to soggy Quantico to compete in the rain-shortened PWSI Invitational tournament over Labor Day weekend.  Despite the two 1-0 losses, the girls fought hard and managed to play their best soccer of the season in the second game.

For the first time this season, the girls started to show some good footwork, accumulating a number of points in The Chase to Maggie Moos - or as the girls like to call it "Maggie Moooves."  The defensive effort is very good and the goalkeepers are playing very well too.  Although the team is still struggling to hit its stride offensively, the footskills, passing, and confidence are heading in a positive direction.

To encourage more individual practice, the team has started a patch program.  Each player has the opportunity to earn skill patches for dribbling, shooting, juggling, controlling, and passing.  The coaches have established the criteria for everyone to work towards.  The standards are tough, but fair, and all the players should be able to earn all five patches as the year progresses.  Check out the patches, criteria, and progress reports here.

Thanks to Janna and Cate for being our field reporters this past weekend.  Megan K is on the hook for the Magic's ODSL opener.

The all important snack schedule

Hi Everyone,

Below you will find a snack schedule for the upcoming Fall 2006 season.   We are asking for half time snacks.  If you would like to provide something after the game for fun or a special occasion, it's completely up to you. Last season we discussed this issue and decided to ask for half time snacks only.  

If you are on the list below, can you please let me know yes or no if you're ok with the date/time?  If there is any problem, you can contact another family to switch or I'll ask someone else.  I have a list of twelve players.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  


Magic Regular Season Snack Schedule 

  • Sunday, September 10th, 1:00pm - Steadman
  • Sunday, September 17th, 2:15pm - Stephens
  • Sunday, September 24th, 1:00pm - Windland
  • Sunday, October 1st, 2:30pm - Coughter
  • Sunday, October 22nd, 2:00pm - Fleming
  • Sunday, October 29th, 2:30pm - Schneider
  • Sunday, November 5th, 1:00pm - Beebie
  • Sunday, November 12th, 1:00pm - Corry

Magic: Lessons Learned - Continued!

Field Correspondent – Janna S.


On Sunday September, 3rd Loudoun Magic played the Alexandria Freedom at the Marine base in Quantico, Virginia. It was our 2nd tournament of the fall season (pre- season). Because of all the rain they decided that the tournament would only take place on Sunday and the games would only be thirty minutes long. We played an okay game, and I think that we took them on pretty well. I still think we need to work on pressuring the ball, winning loose balls, making moves, and switching the ball. Possibly even passing and shooting the ball harder. We made a few good crosses and had a couple darn good shots. Our goalies made MANY amazing stops!!!! The final score ended up being 1-0 Freedom. Overall we did pretty well but we definitely have things to work on.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Magic Survive Tough Pre-Season Test

Coach Ed writes...

Loudoun Magic ended the Dulles National Soccer Tournament with a 1-1-1 record, playing in the tournament's Premier bracket.  Of the eight teams playing in the Premier group, Magic were the lone representative of the ODSL, while the other 7 teams are playing in WAGS.  The 1-1-1 record against extremely tough competition is indicative of a team that played with tremendous heart and showed a lot of pride.

Our 1-1 tie with the MCSA Jr Majestics Gold showed the girls they could play with anyone on a given day.  Our 7-0 loss to a very good Freedom Revolution team showed the players and coaches how much room for improvement we have.  Following a bad loss with a 2-1 win shows how much pride the kids have and how hard they want to play.

We know we have a lot to work on, but we also know we have players dedicated to getting better.

Thanks for our tournament correspondents - Erin W., Megan W, and Kylie F.  Player-written game summaries will be a new staple for us this year.

Also check out the "Chase for Maggie Moos" - where the girls get points for making offensive moves and for winning loose balls.

Magic plays at the PWSI Toys for Tots Tournament at Quantico over Labor Day weekend.  We're looking forward to a fun tournament that supports a phenomenal cause.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Magic Closes DNST with a Victory

Field Correspondent: Kylie F.


On Sunday, August 27 the Loudoun Magic defeated the Herndon Curve 2-1 at the Dulles National Soccer Tournament. Maddie scored off a goalie punt. Our next goal was scored by our guest player Olivia on a free kick.

I think that everyone played a great game, especially our goalies, Olivia and Maddie. I think we need to work on winning loose balls and making more moves.

I can’t wait to start playing when my broken toe gets better.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Magic Learns a lot in Tournament Loss...

Field Correspondent: Erin W.


On August 26, 2006 the Loudoun Magic had their second soccer game of the Dulles National Tournament. We played in the afternoon and it was brutally hot. We played the Freedom Soccer Club from Sykesville, Maryland. They were very, very tough, but we did our best. We never gave up until the last whistle blew. The final score was Freedom 7, Magic 0.

I think we need to improve on getting the ball out of the area in front of the goal. We also need to improve on being more aggressive and winning the loose balls.

Pictures of the tournament are available here! If you see something you like, email MagicManager and we can get you the hi-res original photos.

Magic Kicks-Off Fall Season with hard Fought Tie

Field Correspondent: Megan W.


The Loudoun Magic played their first game of the Fall 2006 Season at the Dulles National Tournament in Herndon, VA on Saturday, 26 August 2006. We had to get up early because our soccer game was at 7:30 am. Our entire team, except Kristin was there, and Olivia was a guest player. This was an 8 v 8 tournament so we played a double diamond shape. The Majestics took tons of shots, but Megan K. and Kaylyn did an awesome job in goal. In the first half, Megan W. got a great breakaway and took a hard shot and scored. Dakota took the first corner kick of the season. Maddie did a good job of clearing the ball when she was a defender. Janna made a great pass to Elizabeth and she almost shot. Erin made lots of great passes. Near the end of the game, Olivia made an exciting defensive save by kicking the ball over the goal. Jessie controlled the ball at center mid and did a good job as the target player. She got hurt, but came back in to play because she was tough. The Majestics scored when everyone was smooshed together trying to get the ball and they tapped it in to the tie game. Kylie cheered us on from the side lines because she had a broken toe and could not play. The game ended in a 1-1 tie.

Pictures of the tournament are available here! If you see something you like, email MagicManager and we can get you the hi-res original photos.

Chase to Maggie Moos

The chase is on - to Maggie Moos

                   Herndon  Alex.     MATT   Arl.   VSA    SYC
Curve Freedom Arsenal Spirit Heat Shockwave

Loose Balls
**Magic 14 3 3 8 7 12
**Opponent 23 5 5 9 6 8

Moves 8 4 17 18 13 13

Points 44 14 40 52 40 50
Negative Points -23 -5 -5 -9 -6 -8
Net Points 21 9 35 43 34 42

Result W 2-1 L 1-0 L 1-0 W 2-0 W 3-1 W 2-0

Needed for
Maggie Moos 150
Points to go -34 <<<< Time for Ice Cream!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Player Tryout

The Loudoun Magic, a rising U11 Girls team competing in the Old Dominion Soccer League (ODSL) is searching for talented, energetic players to fill a vacant roster spot. Interested players should contact head coach Ed Fleming @ 703-443-2155, or via email at

The Loudoun Magic and our sister teams (the Freedom and Tornadoes) are associated with Loudoun Soccer, Virginia’s largest youth soccer club. Players receive high quality professional training year-round while competing in local indoor & outdoor leagues and tournaments. Want to learn more? Give us a call/email.

2006 Sponsors

Many thanks to our many generous and supportive Sponsors. We encourage you to visit our Business Sponsors and thank them for their support; just click on the business logo or link to connect to their website / information page.

For more information on sponsoring the Loudoun Magic, or if you are a team parent and would like to recruit additional sponsors, please visit our Sponsor Letter page. This is our second year and we'd really like to thank those that made it possible last year. You can see them all here. As for this years sponsors, here they are!

Platinum Sponsors

we need some!

Gold Sponsors

we need some!

Silver Sponsors


Prospect Waterproofing Co.

118 Acacia Lane

Sterling, VA 20166

Phone 703-450-2355

Fax 703-450-2397




Dahl-Morrow International

608 S King Street

Suite #103

Leesburg, VA 201


Phone 703-779-5600

Fax 703-779-5678

GAM Printers, Inc.
45969 Nokes Blvd., Suite 130
Sterling, VA 20166
Fax (703)450-5311

Individual Sponsors

  • Leesburg Vintner
  • Helen Coughter

Monday, April 03, 2006

Magic Snack Schedule

Please provide a half time snack, a post game snack & drink

April 2nd, 1:00pm, Brown

April 8th, 10:00am, Kyte

April 9th, 1:00pm, O'Connell

Arpil 23, 4:45pm, Windland

April 30th, 2:15pm, Steadman

May 14th, 1:00pm, Schneider

May 21st, 1:00pm, Slack

June 4th, 1:00pm, Fleming

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Magic Complete Successful Preseason

The Loudoun Magic completed a successful run of preseason tournament this past weekend after finishing the PWSI Icebreaker tournament with a 1-1-1 record. The Magic played their first game against an out-of-state team, defeating FC Frederick Academy White 1-0, followed by an exciting 4-4 tie against the Herndon Curve White. The Magic completed the weekend with a hard fought 2-0 loss to eventual tournament winner VISTA Magic.

Magic finished the preseason with a combined record of 3 wins, 1 loss, and 3 ties. More importantly, it’s apparent that the team’s winter training is paying off, as the girls are showing improved footskills, and better spacing as a team.

Magic kicks off the Spring ODSL season on April 2nd vs McLean 95 White at Freedom Park in Leesburg.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

PWSI Icebreaker 2006 Information

The PWSI tournament will be at Veterans Park (VP) - Woodbridge, VA

The tournament hotline is 703-730-7225

Directions are:

From I-95 - Follow the directions to Tyrell Field Complex. The Veterans Pool Field is the first filed beyond Tyrell on the left. Veterans Park Pavilion is across the street form the Pool Field and the Veterans Football Field is adjacent to the third parking lot past the Tyrell Fields (a gravel parking lot on the left.)

You can get google driving directions from anywhere you are using this link.

The schedule is:

Saturday 9:30MagicFC Frederick Academy Vet5
Saturday 1:15Herndon CurveMagic Vet5
Sunday 10:45Vista MagicMagic Vet3
Sunday 3:451st2nd Vet4

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Magic Breaks the Ice with a Win!

The Loudoun Magic started the 2006 Spring outdoor season off with a bang, winning the Red division of the Loudoun Icebreaker tournament this past weekend. The Magic finished the tournament 2-0-2, with two victories over McLean 95 White (3-1 and a 2-0 Championship win), and 1-1 ties with the VISTA Revolution and McLean 95 Gold.

The girls' hard work throughout the winter was evident. Footskills and team play have improved since the last outdoor tournament, despite the weekend's freezing cold and wind.

The Magic play in the PSWI Icebreaker this coming weekend in Woodbridge, VA, before starting their ODSL season.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

2006 Loudoun Soccer Club Ice Breaker Schedule

All games are at Northern Virginia Community College, 1000 Harry Flood Byrd Highway (Hwy 7), Sterling, VA

The official weather line is 703.777.5897

The tournament director is David Vermeland, 703.395.6618 (Call Anytime leading up to and during the tournament.)

Game Date/TimeHome TeamField Number/ Game NumberVisitors
Saturday 9:00Vista Revolution (1) Field 3 / Game 26 Loudoun Magic (2)
Saturday 1:00Loudoun Magic (2) Field 10 / Game 35 MYS 95 White (3)
Sunday 9:00Loudoun Magic (2) Field10 / Game 134 MPS 95 Gold (4)
Sunday 11:00First Place Field10 / Game 136 Second Place

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Jan-Feb Schedule

The following is the schedule for Jan/Feb 2006 - Home vs Away

Sun-Jan 15 12:00 PM Barakat Field
Loudoun Magic vs Pre-Teen Titans

Sun-Jan 22 1:35 PM Barakat Field
Loudoun Magic vs Grape Kool-Aid

Sun-Jan 29 2:20 PM Barakat Field
Arlington Flames vs Loudoun Magic

Sun-Feb 5 2:20 PM CSI Field
Loudoun Magic vs CYA Hotshots 95

Sun-Feb 12 3:55 PM CSI Field
Reston Rapids 95 vs Loudoun Magic

Sun-Feb 26 4:40 PM Barakat Field
Loudoun Select Red vs Loudoun Magic

Our teams sportsplex site is here.

Couple of items:

  1. Plan to wear red, but bring your whites to every game. The Freedom/Tornadoes split their players up and called them Loudoun Select Red/White. We're playing Red our last game. We're playing in a U10/11 group, so the competition should do us some good.
  2. I looked over the rules, and unlike the adult leagues, the youth leagues aren't allowed to have guest players. In the past, knowing how the SportsPlex worked, I'd have said they'd never check anyway. I've heard that they're under new management and they've become more strict about it.
  3. Here's my plan for indoor. I don't care if we win or lose. I want to work on footskills, help the kids get ready for ODSL, and let them have fun. I also want to use Indoor to get the girls acclimated to positions they aren't used to playing, so the kids that didn't play much defense last season will be getting more time there in indoor - and the kids that played a lot of defense will be getting their time up front.
  4. Thanks so much to Lori for being on the ball and getting us registered! I looked over the list of teams, and there's something like 65 teams on a waiting list. Anyone know where we can scrape together enough money to open an indoor facility out this way? We'd retire rich for sure.