Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Loudoun Soccer Rules Pre-Season Tournaments

The Loudoun Magic congratulates her sister teams, the Freedom and Tornadoes, on their successful pre-season tournament runs.

The Freedom were the Finalists in the Premier bracket of the Dulles National Preseason Tournament, then traveled to Philadelphia over Labor Day to compete in the Ross-Haney Tournament, from which they returned as Champions.

The Tornadoes went 3-0 in the Washington Fall Classic Tournament in Maryland, only to be knocked out of the tournament on bonus points. Over Labor Day, the Tornadoes traveled to Williamsburg to compete in the Williamsburg Cup, bringing home the Championship of the Premier Division.

The Magic, Freedom, and Tornadoes all compete for Loudoun Soccer Club, so when one team wins, we all win. The three teams combined to post a 16-1 record, with three Championships and one runner-up finish.

Congrats to Tornadoes and Freedom players and coaches, and best of luck to our sister teams in the upcoming ODSL season.

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