Sunday, January 08, 2006

Jan-Feb Schedule

The following is the schedule for Jan/Feb 2006 - Home vs Away

Sun-Jan 15 12:00 PM Barakat Field
Loudoun Magic vs Pre-Teen Titans

Sun-Jan 22 1:35 PM Barakat Field
Loudoun Magic vs Grape Kool-Aid

Sun-Jan 29 2:20 PM Barakat Field
Arlington Flames vs Loudoun Magic

Sun-Feb 5 2:20 PM CSI Field
Loudoun Magic vs CYA Hotshots 95

Sun-Feb 12 3:55 PM CSI Field
Reston Rapids 95 vs Loudoun Magic

Sun-Feb 26 4:40 PM Barakat Field
Loudoun Select Red vs Loudoun Magic

Our teams sportsplex site is here.

Couple of items:

  1. Plan to wear red, but bring your whites to every game. The Freedom/Tornadoes split their players up and called them Loudoun Select Red/White. We're playing Red our last game. We're playing in a U10/11 group, so the competition should do us some good.
  2. I looked over the rules, and unlike the adult leagues, the youth leagues aren't allowed to have guest players. In the past, knowing how the SportsPlex worked, I'd have said they'd never check anyway. I've heard that they're under new management and they've become more strict about it.
  3. Here's my plan for indoor. I don't care if we win or lose. I want to work on footskills, help the kids get ready for ODSL, and let them have fun. I also want to use Indoor to get the girls acclimated to positions they aren't used to playing, so the kids that didn't play much defense last season will be getting more time there in indoor - and the kids that played a lot of defense will be getting their time up front.
  4. Thanks so much to Lori for being on the ball and getting us registered! I looked over the list of teams, and there's something like 65 teams on a waiting list. Anyone know where we can scrape together enough money to open an indoor facility out this way? We'd retire rich for sure.

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