Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The all important snack schedule

Hi Everyone,

Below you will find a snack schedule for the upcoming Fall 2006 season.   We are asking for half time snacks.  If you would like to provide something after the game for fun or a special occasion, it's completely up to you. Last season we discussed this issue and decided to ask for half time snacks only.  

If you are on the list below, can you please let me know yes or no if you're ok with the date/time?  If there is any problem, you can contact another family to switch or I'll ask someone else.  I have a list of twelve players.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  


Magic Regular Season Snack Schedule 

  • Sunday, September 10th, 1:00pm - Steadman
  • Sunday, September 17th, 2:15pm - Stephens
  • Sunday, September 24th, 1:00pm - Windland
  • Sunday, October 1st, 2:30pm - Coughter
  • Sunday, October 22nd, 2:00pm - Fleming
  • Sunday, October 29th, 2:30pm - Schneider
  • Sunday, November 5th, 1:00pm - Beebie
  • Sunday, November 12th, 1:00pm - Corry

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