Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Magic defeats VSA Heat!

Field Reporter: Elizabeth E.

In our second ODSL game, Loudoun Magic defeated the VSA Heat with a 3-1 score:


(editor note: see the entire photo set here!)

Getting goals for the Magic were Jessie H. and Megan W. Jessie scored on a breakaway to tie the game, and Megan scored two goals. Megan’s second goal was in the last minute of the game! The star of the game was definitely our second half goalkeeper, Maddie! Maddie’s saves kept us from losing the game on the other team’s breakaways. It could have been 3-6 if it wasn’t for her many saves! We are sooooooooooo lucky to have such an aggressive and hard working goalie!

The team we played was a good team. We played our hardest even though it was very hot! We did a lot of passing and tried to do moves. I think we need to work on our defense. Like, if one defender moves up to attack the ball the other needs to fall back behind, and mids need to come back and help. I think we are going to be a great team! I need to have my stupid toe heal, so I can play! I think we played great!

- By Elizabeth E.

A word from the coach...

So close - yet so far.

Despite a well earned 3-1 win against the VSA Heat today, Magic remain a scant 8 points away from crossing the finish line in the Chase to Maggie Moos. The girls' hard work is becoming evident on the field; footskills and shooting are definitely getting better. Coach Ed gave out four US Soccer Skills patches today. Jessie, Kylie, and Megan K earned their Controlling patches. Cristen earned her juggling patch. Way to go girls!

Look for Friday's practice to move into the SportsPlex as Legacy is blacked out. More details forthcoming.

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