Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Magic defeats AGBC Freedom

Field Reporter: Kaylyn


On October 1st, the Loudoun Magic played a team called the Freedom from Annandale Virginia. At the beginning of the game, Jessie kicked the ball off to me (Kaylyn), and of course I fell because a girl from the other team tripped me. I need to work on keeping my feet. The Freedom scored the first goal of the game on a breakaway. They were a strong and aggressive team. We scored our first goal when Erin crossed it to the middle of the other team’s goal and Kylie kicked it right into the center. With the score tied 1–1, we came back quickly with another goal. This time Maddie made a beautiful pass into the box almost going out of bounds and the other team kicked it in by accident. The game ended 2–1 Magic.

The whole team played phenomenal, especially our two goalies, Kylie and Megan K. Our field players also played great and we made a lot of good passes, crosses and foot skill moves.

I think we should work on being more aggressive keeping the ball away from the other team and getting to loose balls before the other team does. Besides that, the team did a great job at this game and I think the whole team had lots of fun! Go Loudoun Magic!

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