Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Being captain...

I know Erin and I have had a great experience being Magic’s captains. Here are a few words about what we learned, and what it was like being a captain.

Being captain gives you a chance to see through the coaches eyes (in a way). It takes A LOT of patience and hard work to make the other girls on the team listen and respect you. Although captains have a lot of control, THEY need to respect their team mates too. Leading the team means that we have to make sure the other girls don’t goof around, and stay on task. We have to be good role models by showing our skills, respecting the coaches, demonstrating good behavior, and participating in all the drills. Now, for the positive things about being a captain. It gives you a chance to get to know your team mates better than you already do. When you get picked to be a captain, you know that you played well in a game or a practice. It gives you honor and dignity when you’re picked to lead the team. I’m glad that I was picked for captain, and when you get your chance, I bet you’ll love it too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

By Elizabeth E.

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