Tuesday, April 03, 2007

March Madness Soccer Tournament, 24/25 March 2007

By Erin Windland

The Loudoun Magic traveled to our first soccer tournament in Maryland. We just switched from indoor soccer to outdoor soccer. We had one outdoor practice before our tournament. We did a couple things well in this tournament. We we didn't drive into the defender; we passed the ball to get past the defender. Also we talked to each other during the game, and we used our back pass a lot. A couple things we need to work on are getting to the ball and getting in front of it. Also we need to make sure we play our best defense when the ball is down by our goal, so our goalie doesn't get hurt, and we need to go to the ball first and win loose balls. We need to take balls out of our penalty box faster. We also need to take more shots.

The teams we played were the Cleveland Blues, the MSC Shamrocks, and the Arlington Flame.

Jessie H. scored our only goal of the tournament with an assist from Elizabeth. I think we had an okay tournament, but we can do better. Looking at the bright side ,we improved from last season

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